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we believe that design should be responsive; it accommodates and adapts. a process that listens, that speaks quietly, allowing lives to be lived. at scarab, we try to achieve responsive design by following these four tenets:


of mind and thought, combined with integrity of action. honesty requires awareness and acceptance of the way things are, by ever-examining and reflecting.


is a quiet backdrop for life, simple in form without a lack of character. simplicity is aesthetics, not contrived, but as a growth of real function.


towards the environment, its forms, its materials, its spatial logic. respectful of the dweller, its patterns, its habits, its aspirations.


in connections between community, environment, and other dwellers. boundless in ideas of what defines the project and what is necessary to fulfill that definition. boundless in evolution and growth.

we apply these values to everything we do, projects big or small, because everyone has different needs. that means avoiding having a set aesthetic style to our work, but instead responding to the project at hand with care and craftsmanship, and working closely with our clients from beginning to end.

we employ a mix of methods to communicate our design intentions, ranging from traditional to more experimental, including: standard construction documents, digital and physical material boards, digital and physical models, 1:1 detail prototypes, and emotive hybrid-technology renderings.

we feel energized by engaging in immersive experiences that play to all of our senses. one of the best ways to do this is to travel, whether locally or abroad. a constant learning experience, traveling exposes us to alternative ways of moving, dwelling, and being.

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